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Koriander Bullard
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm known as Koriander Bullard since I got married. I used to be Koriander Ake and always, I am Codename Sailor Earth ~ champion of love and justice.

I am an author, editor and cartoonist. You can reach me at
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Weather migraines have me fighting through writer's block lately. Usually when I am in a slump, I like to take a step back and go over my art books for inspiration.

I have art books in many different styles, ranging from manga to live action models, but lately, I've been going over my Sailor Moon art books. I'm amazed at how Toei Animation was able to at a sort of three dimensional shading to their characters with only two or three different colors per body part. A few soft, geometric shapes and you have an otherwise flat image looking alive. It's amazing how this works.

So I've been indulging my inner eleven year old lately by trying to draw the things I wanted to see back then. You see, I started watching Sailor Moon when I was eight, reading season summaries and spoilers online at nine, photoshopping and playing with website coding at ten, and at eleven, I started making up tiny fanfic ideas, but I just never really drew them the way I wanted the to look until recently. 

So that's why you're suddenly seeing a spike in my Sailor Moon artwork. I've been inspired by Marco Albiero to try different shading ideas as of late. Some of them are also popping up on my Facebook Group for Sailor Moon.
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As I type this... I'm preparing to move AGAIN. I think I've fainted. It's a long story, but suffice to say that the last few months really ate into my writing and my artwork big time. I'm just NOW working on Ki-Chan's 3rd book and my websites need my attention too. 

BUT! 2017 wasn't without merit. Ki-Chan's 2nd book just came out in October, and I'm starting to receive feedback on it. And so far.. it's actually more positive than the first book! Love I was so worried, YAY!!

Since the second book deals with Ti-Chan suffering through sexual harassment from the new demon (yes folks, this DOES happen girl on guy too) I was really worried about how people would take the story, since it dropped the same week that the whole Harvey Weinstein thing blew up. I did not want this to look like I was jumping on any bandwagons, as a bulk of the story was originally written when I was a child. But it seems that it's being accepted well, and it's encouraging readers to speak up about their own experiences with harassment. But the main things that I'm getting praise for are the added action segments and the more human interactions of the characters, so I feel more confident going into Book #3, which will focus more on Ki-Chan's friends.

Now Amazon has the prices on the color books jacked up for some reason. It was NOT my call, but fortunately, we have a solution. I have released budget friendly Black and White versions at $8 and $10 each:

On Amazon:
Book #1:
Book #2:

Barnes and Noble:
Book #1:
Book #2:

You can order them in person at your local Barnes and Noble store, or you can grab them on Amazon and get the Kindle copies for FREE after purchase. Whichever way you choose, be sure to leave me a review and send me your feedback. I want to know how I'm doing and what you like in my books.
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So it's been a minute since I've posted anything here, right? My bad! Sweating a little... 

So the last few months, I have been really busy. For starters, I launched my own publishing company: Koriander Publishing! I'm expanding my publishing reach on Amazon, so if you know of anybody who is looking to (cheaply) get a story published, send me an email.

What books have I published you ask? Well why not check them out here, I categorized them by who wrote what.

That reminds me.... Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is now on Barnes and Noble not just online, but the ACTUAL STORES carry it now too!! Be sure to ask for your copy today!

Speaking of Ki-Chan, I've got some more news over here that I've been wanting to share with you all. :D (Big Grin) As I type this, I'm working on the last chapter for Book #2 and if you haven't yet, please check out the prints in my gallery, they will be in the book!

Years ago, before I got married (when I was Koriander Ake) a ton of people knew me for my wrestling artwork. You can see some newer wrestling stuff here and as I type that, I'm watching the WWE PPV. Check out my "Current Projects" section for all the new stuff I've been working on!

Thanks for checking out my journal today. Keep checking back!
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Greetings Deviants!
  So as of November 3rd, Ki-Chan is now available in four different formats. I'm still working on making this a graphic novel, but for now, the first story exists as a light novel.

Check out my trailer:

You can grab Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 on Amazon:
Full Color Paperback:
Black and White Paperback:
Color Kindle:
Black and White Kindle:

Kiana Chan (Ki-Chan) is an American born orphan, living in Japan, who has a supernatural energy and a dark past. After watching her parents being murdered by demons, this yellow-capped kid suffers from PTSD, aggravating her budding powers.

But after she comes across a rag-tag group of college kids who also have super powers, Ki-Chan finds herself in the fight of her life.

Alien Gods? Demons? Sprinkle on top first love, college entrance exams and a heavy speech impediment, and you have the recipe for chaos!

Join Ki-Chan and her gang for an action packed
adventure through Chichibu!

Oh yeah, off topic, I also have a wrestling book:


Ki-Chan:The Creator And The Sun (A word about God)
It's been too long since I drew any of The Starwalkers!

So if you haven't read the first Ki-Chan book, I should probably explain myself a bit. Our heroes were created by The Starwalkers and The Fates, specifically to fight demons. 

The Starwalkers are the Gods of mythology. Hades, Aphrodite, they each have multiple names from different countries, but are all the same group of aliens. They came here as children, snatching control of the Earth from The Nightwalkers (Demons) and reshaping human life into what we have seen in religious books. 

Here, I wanted to draw The Creator (yes, God) as I imagine him in the first book, where he is both explaining and atoning for His misdeeds, such as the story of Job, re-shaping humanity without their consent, and a myriad of other things. He appears to Ki-Chan's group initially to awaken their dormant powers, but after an emotional outburst from Ki-Chan, He finds himself pouring His heart out over a cup of tea. 

I wanted The Gods to feel more human to the reader. Relatable. This was a segment that took me several rewrites because I wanted Him to come across as remorseful and compassionate. I had to get this book right, to set the tone for all others. 

I also toiled a bit on how to draw them. I didn't want to draw another Euro-romanticized, Santa Claus type of God. He has to look otherworldly, alluring, exotic, and still very omnipotent. So I gave Him a bright robe, gold bangles, and for this one specifically, beautiful skin of a pastel rainbow, silky swirls of hair and beard, a great physique, defined cheeks and eyes that are both scary and soft. Something that catches the eye and gets across the fact that this is a being of the stars.

I've been meaning to draw The Starwalkers more, and this one took me a while to finish. Putting a metallic sheen on the robe actually took me longer than drawing His hand, because I want my metals to feel realistic. 
Badass Sailor Moon
There is a split second in episode 14 of the original Sailor Moon series, where Sailor Moon dodges an attack, and I thought it looked so cool. So here, I re-drew it, correcting her legs (since in the episode it's like she has a super long hooha) and updating her look, where she now has the Moon Stick, the Silver Crystal and in lieu of her tiara, I drew her moon mark. I'm so proud of myself for finally drawing the background to look like the show! I've been studying my old art books to try and get the 90's Toei style right. The wand and her brooch took me a while to draw all of the details in, but I'm glad I didn't skimp on the gems.
Long Haired Sailor Mercury (Mullet Ami)
I saw a bootleg of a Sailor Mercury plush doll on the Wish app. It looked similar to the cute plush GE Animation has made, only she had a long mullet. I shared the picture to great laughs, and I promised my fellow Sailor Moon fans that if the picture got enough likes, I would draw Ami with that hair.

Well... she certainly got enough likes. So here we go. 

Part of the inspiration came when I was watching Sailor Moon Crystal. There is an episode where after Usagi awakens as Princess Serenity, her hair grows super long. So here, Ami has taken off her tiara, revealing the symbol of Mercury on her forehead. I watched a few episodes of Sailor Moon R to get the kneeling right plus one episode from the first season where Usagi comes to grips with being the princess, and then for the coloring and the shape of the eyes, I took a hybrid inspiration from Sailor Moon R trading cards and from SuperS. I thought though that using her original costume would be best for the overall feel of this piece.
Haruka x Michiru: Kissing in blue
I've been trying different coloring ideas lately, and decided to try a new brush on these two. As of this post, there still isn't any official artwork showing Haruka and Michiru kissing, though in Sailor Moon Crystal and in the manga, Haruka kisses Usagi. It's a little aggravating, so I decided to try and fix that. I binged on episodes of Sailor Moon S for a whole day and then studied pictures of Mamoru. Michiru's skirt gave me the most trouble, because I'm so used to drawing bows on the backs of every skirt that I forgot that the Mugen High uniform doesn't have one. Spring was late to start this year, so I thought a late blooming vibe would be nice, hence the warm weather uniform instead of the more popular winter uniform. 
Ki-Chan reading
I'm still tinkering with how to draw Ki-Chan's room. All of my characters have LED lights under their beds and throughout their rooms, so I've been challenging myself with drawing light. Ki-Chan has a canopy over her bed with glow in the dark stars above where she sleeps. She also has French doors.

The manga Ki-Chan is reading has Josephine Baker on the cover.


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